Creating Velocity-less P-locks

Hey y’all, does anybody know of a way to create p-locks without live recording?

I would’ve expected that i could turn the velocity of a trigger all the way down, but this brings velocity to “0” - not “—”. A velocity of 0 still triggers the sample.


Can I ask why you need to do that?

Can the Model: boxes do Trigless Locks? That’s how you’d approach that kind of thing normally on an Elektron sequencer

Edit: Yea looks like it, from the Samples manual:



Try it for yourself! I use it for pitch/note, mostly. It makes for smoother melodies when using longer/looped samples. You can place notes as the sample is decaying, too.


Thanks! Feeling pretty silly for missing that. For anyone wondering, the solution is to use FUNC + TRIG in Grid Mode.


On some of my Elektrons, (this doesn’t seem to work with all of them), I like to live record a sequence and then enter step recording to manually remove the velocity lock from each trig. Then I’m able to live perform the velocity parameter on the trig/note page while the sequence plays back (without live record). That could be used as a sort of performance macro, since velocity is able to modulate up to four destinations at once.