Crossfader scraping

Hi peeps. After a session of playing on my Octatracks I noticed one of the crossfaders feels like it’s scraping against the chassis. Has anyone else experienced this?
My second Octatrack feels smooth as butter. Anyone have any ideas what might have gone wrong and if it’s fixable? There’s no actual problems using it other than having to apply slightly more pressure than I should have to.

Cheers :slight_smile:

i had this problem too. solved it by opening the OT’s lid and clicking the xfader back into place, it had slipped from the mounting on one end of the rails after a particularly rowdy live show.
note: i’m post warranty, afaik it’s not recommended to open the OT under warranty.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll watch it closely and investigate further if necessary.

Does it ‘only’ feels as scraping the chassis or does it actually do that?

You can check if the crossfader has become a bit off in alignment: look from the side of the fader (the axis that the cap is mounted on) and see if it travels in middle of the chassis cutout all the way from end to end. If it has been in rough use and one of the crossfader (panel)screws isn´t tightened enough, it may get a bit offset leading to one end touching the cutout (and/or the dustfelt).

It only really feels like it. It doesn’t look like it’s coming into contact with any metal etc.
It looks identical to my second octatrack’s fader. Ie, there’s no obvious visual collision with any materials., but I can feel a texture as I move it back and forth.
I have never been rough with it… I was surprised to feel a difference after my session.

If it’s an older version without the dust guard, maybe some junk/dust/debris got into the slider. Try blowing compressed air in there while moving it back and forth.

my crossfader has been a bit rough from the jump. call me crazy but i actually prefer it like this, makes it easier to stop at the right points between scenes. brand new OT from january