Ctrl-Al Ram Machine Trick on Octatrack possible?

Is it possible to do something like the Machinedrum “Ctrl-Al Ram Machine IDM Trick” with the Octatrack ?

Using scenes

never got the exact same results… but:

Yeah, you can get weird glitchy stuff, that keeps on revolving:
Having great fun with triggered recorders, that automagically chop up stuff…

here is the basics :

use 4!! trackrecorders (for argument sake use track 1 to 4)
place triggers … as an example…
trackrecorder4, records 4 steps of main-output starting on step 01
trackrecorder3, records 4 steps of main-output starting on step 05
trackrecorder2, records 4 steps of main-output starting on step 09
trackrecorder1, records 4 steps of main-output starting on step 13

put a flextrack on track 5.
place triggers like this:
step01 P-lock to recorder1
step05 P-lock to recorder2
step09 P-lock to recorder3
step13 P-lock to recorder4

Use scenes, to mute whatever your playing on octatrack, and unmute track5

Because you record on a difrent time, then you play it back… you can do all kinds of reverse / repitch / filter . whatever trickery on track5… without things going bad…

its neat… I usually use it for instant breaks… Its one of the techniques I describe and use
in the following topic http://www.elektronauts.com/t/another-simple-octatrack-video/6636/55526

which itself links to another topic with info on simular knowledge…

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Thank you very much !

If you’re using scenes, you can’t p-lock the scene adjustments. but if you plug a MIDI cable from the OT outputs to the OT inputs, and carefully set up the MIDI settings (you will have to work this ot for yourself, but I would turn off everything except CC and check your channel asignments carefully…try this out on a blank project first), then you could use the OT MIDI sequencer to manage both the two scene selections and the position of the crossfader…which means they can be p-locked, controlled with LFOs…!

Likewise, if you have other gear connected to the OT you can use that, eg I typically have the OT sequencing a Nord modular, which in turn is connected tot he MIDI in of the OT :alien:

Quite easy. Plug midi out to in, set all audio midi channel to the same channel, set CCs on midi tracks with that channel. Done.

glancing through I thought this post had something to do with the RAM music machine. oh well

Actually it seems I misunderstood the Ctrl-Al Ram Machine trick, as I don’t know Machinedrum.
Can anybody explain it ?

Thanks, it seems to be the same as Digitakt’s CTR-AL, isn’t it ?
What’s the relationship with “Ram” ?

…you might want to have a look at this little piece of hardware that does a similar thing but to MIDI parameters (got to do some advertisement now and then :stuck_out_tongue: :grin:) - on the forum here


them goliaths are awesome…