Cuckoo's first taste of Digitakt

Hello. I’m still learning. Here’s a first taste of the Digitakt. I dig it :laughing:


Sounds really good .
Like the Machinedrum and Octatrack had a baby :baby: :baby_bottle:

Great immediacy and performance demo @cuckoo, especially good to see a comprehensive control all and pattern copy /save from you! Great that when you start a fresh new pattern it carries over the sounds from the last you worked on. Super handy! The new filter sounds really good also. The DT seems to be perfect for my setup, like it was designed just for me!!

Your demos never disappoint, and the 4K camera is great, we can even see fluff on the box. haha

YES! Thanks Cuckoo very informative once again, may the schwartz be with you!

I want a sample pack of cuckoo going “tttrr, pzzzt, keeepler”!!

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Great video mate! Mine arrived yesterday! Can not wait to play with it. Hope OS is stable as I fear 1.x releases LOL

Thanks! Actually I think the kit is not carried over after all. Now that I think of it, I think I had a pattern that I thought I had deleted. But the kit remains after a clear. Gotta get deeper with this box in the days and weeks to come.

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He he… yeah. It’s 1.0x for sure. I only had a few occasional hickups. It’s nearly where it should be!


Your right @cuckoomusic. I gave it a try yesterday and it felt pretty stable at standard tasks.

Given the lack of separate kits, would be interested to see how you deal with a project using multiple patterns that use the same sounds…

Yeah… I’ll feel it out over time. Immediately I find myself grooving and messing around in just one pattern for much longer time than otherwise. Because the control all, and Reload is so much fun. But for playing back chains, I often would have liked if they could use the same kit linked. I think it’s not gonna happen though. They probably went down this road to make a much safer structure.
Like… This pattern will sound like this no matter what you change elsewhere. And if you decide to load, and replace old samples with new samples, it’s pretty clear which ones are in use, and which ones aren’t.