CUE Level NOT in Studio mode

I just discovered yesterday (even if it’s written in the manual, pag68)
that I can adjust the CUE level for each track without being in Studio mode.

Is it just a matter of LCD graphics? Or there are other differences I am not still noticing?

Anyway…this was a great discovery for me because this way I can control intensity of a feedback loop with my ext fx chain…

[I do not use Studio mode because I prefer to assign/deassign on the fly tracks routed to Cue…CUE+TRACK]

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Care to share how, sicijk?

Same way as in studio mode: CUE + TRK LEV

Just the graphics show CUE above the level bar instead of LEV

It is a setting retained in PART

Hey sicijk, any point to Studio mode? Related question, can you preview the audio pool via the cue signal chain?

I do not use Studio mode…what do you mean?

I believe you can preview using the CUE…it should be somewhere in the manual [CUE+YES]

Studio mode is good if you want up to 4 separate outputs to send to external fx/mixer/etc. By using main and cue volume levels and panning, you can send tracks to 4 different destinations.

One creative suggestion is to have 2 different effects on outs C/D and by using LFOs with panning, p-locking levels, etc you can programatically get dry samples, effected samples, and any combination.

Nice!!! :+1:

I run mostly in studio mode…all 4 outputs to audio patch bay…you can pretty much do whatever you want :slight_smile:

Question, can Effects 1-2 be sent to only the Cue Level on the same Track? Cue wet and Main dry.