CUE without active track

I have some scenes where some tracks are muted. Still I want to be able to hear/send them through CUE.

Is it possible? I can’t seem to be able to do it although i thought i did it before :man_facepalming:

Yes, you can do it. Just cue them like normal. If using headphones make sure to pay attention to headphones mix on mixer page; it fades between main and cue.

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That’s what I thought…
Must be an option or my pedal…

I had to reboot the OT for another strange behaviour.
The reliability scares me sometimes on this machine even though it’s an MKII.

Yes, there are things that encourage glitches more than others. With practice you will learn what to avoid! People have performed successfully with the OT for years, but there is no denying that it could be more stable.

Still this CUE muted because the track is mute on the scene is really bothering me.

If you’re fx is an Hologram, it’s normal if you have no sound, it’s not real. :pl:

More seriously. How do you mute with your scene?
With AMP VOL? XVOL? in that case, nothing is sent to MAIN or CUE, that normal. You have to mute with XLEVEL if you don’t want to mute CUE.

My MKI is really reliable. I heard more problems with MKII here btw. At least for first batches.

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I was using XVOL to mute the scenes :wink:
I don’t remember the difference/advantage between using XVOL and XLevel but i stopped using XLevel when using scenes for a reason i forgot…

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Well done Elektron, i won’t wait for a MKIII then…

From the manual:

Also important to keep in mind, amp volume is a pre fx control while track level is post fx.


The manual is not describing advantages of one way over the others.
Plus it’s not stated here what happens for CUE, at least it is not clear for me since i thought MAIN and CUE were 2 different circuits.

I think they are.

Yes i saw this scheme from another thread where you posted it.

Looking at it i still don’t understand why XVOL is muting CUE and XLVL is not.
The CUE preview is the DIR?
Maybe i could use DIR as a CUE volume.

Actually maybe the option Mute when CUE is the option i should give a try to.

As far as I understand the difference XVOL and XLVL are operating within different boxes in the above diagram:

  • XVOL operates pre FX within the AMP box of a track (influences both paths)
  • XLVL operates post FX within the LEVEL box of a track (influencing only the path to MAIN)

I’ll make tests using XLVL and see if i can achieve what i’m looking for.

So if i sum up:

If scenes use XVOL we keep the FX but the tracks won’t go independently to CUE.

If scenes use XLV we loose the FX but the tracks go indepedently to CUE.

We can switch MAIN & CUE: it gives us a blinding christmas tree to get the tracks activated. Somehow when I do this i loose my CUE (the MAIN outputs going to the FX).

I must do something wrong.

The FX tail, yes.

That is to say?
CUE becomes Main output…

Damn, it starts to be complicated to make myself understood…

I can’t hear this new equivalent of CUE.
If i CUE a track it is ok as a normal track but no sound through the MAIN output.

Muted, XLEVEL ?

Edit : continuing the conversation in France…

Mmmmmhhhh… very hard to describe this feeling… shame?

Thank you Sezare56 for understanding better what’s wrong me although i’m the one in front of the OT.

Edit: i talked too fast, it’s not working either. Dammit.
Edit 2: it works in Studio Mode though. I am lost.
Edit 3: no, it doesn’t work, still only CUE outputs working. I feel like in mathematics class, totally lost with 17 theories at a time. I was really bad at maths.