Customize file structure on OT?

I tend to create a new project for every song/track I make in the OT, and it’s become quite a few now, which leaves the projects folder quite messy. So, has anyone had any luck creating sub-folders on the OT to better organize all the project files? Ideally I’d like to keep the Audio-folder in the same folder as the project folder, and then have sub-folders within the projects folder like “MachineDrum Sampling” with say 5 projects within that folder, “MonoMachine” with 3 projects in there and so on.

Is it even possible to arrange sub-folders on the OT this way? If not, I’d love it if it was possible! Would make for a more organized way of using it, in my opinion. :slight_smile:

Not sure…I’ll look. I too tend to do one project per song and this isn’t ideal. This is why I have been thinking about being able to open the OT project files on the computer and do some consolidation,

Ah, yeah, I guess that could be beneficial too. Did you get around trying it? I’ll try myself when I get home to it later today. :slight_smile:

Tried to place a few projects in a sub-folder, but no luck, doesn’t seem like you can access sub-folders from the OT. Damn. :frowning:

I use sets to keep it organized.

You can have subfolders in the shared audio pool of a set, a menu option will move the audio to the project folder later and/or move the project to a new set at a later date if it’s done. I use other sets to store banks/parts/arrangements/etc to use reuse elsewhere.

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about just using more sets, which would solve the “problem”. Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile: