Customizing the face plate

hey all,

is it possible to remove the face plate of a digitakt to spray paint it?

i’m guessing this voids warranties, just wondering if anyone already tried and has some tips to share

Pull all the knobs off, unscrew the top screws, and take the faceplate off. There you go.

I’d advise against just spraypainting it, but that’s just because I’m a perfectionist and the paintwork on Elektron gear is better imo. Also you’d be covering up the text!

heres what one owner did to customize their DT…


Maybe this is a better option:

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does anybody know an efficient and inexpensive diy way of making lettering on painted surfaces?

so far i used to use decals with mixed success.

silk screening seems to be the right solution but it is an overkill for my needs (however, i am considering to go this route if i won’t find any descent alternative).

engraving/laser engraving requires even more room and money than silk screening kit so im not considering it at all.

i have seen vinyl/polyester overlays/skins. they look quite sharp but this requires special printer would imagine.

so are there any other options?

These are cool, they do them for several devices. Failing that screen printing isn’t too expensive but it’ll take you a couple tries to get the process right


Stencils and the pens of your choice?

i was wondering who first will come up with that ingenious advice. thanks for your input.

Just wondering has anyone else attempted to pimp their DT or DN ? I have recently picked up a load of stickers and taught it might be fun to cover either machine with them.i assume the knobs come off fairly handy and then you just unscrew the faceplate.i would be interested to find out how the knobs reacted once put back did they feel loose or affect the machine in any way

Hi all , late to the party but just wondering if anybody knows what size Alan key to use on the screws for the digitakt faceplate ? Mine arrived 2 days ago and it looks as if there’s a smudge on the underside of the screen - it’s defo brand new but my god is that smudge annoying me - it’s agg to do all the sending back etc and the shop is an hour and a half drive so would rather just unscrew it my self and wipe it !

Thanks guys