CV issues with Analog 4 mk1

I have an A4 mk1 (1.50A), and am experiencing issues with CV out.

Current CV configuration:

  • CVA - PITCH V/OCT , note 1 C5 0.000 V, note 2 C6 1.000 V
  • CVB - GATE
  • CVC - Grounded
  • CVD - Grounded

I’m using the Elektron CV splitter with supplied cables. Gate works on CVB but when sending pitch via CVA, I just get a strange descending pitch when triggering - almost like there’s an lfo driving the pitch (LFO’s destination both set to —).

Gate only works on CVB and CVD through the ring output - setting CVA or CVC to gate and everything else to Grounded does nothing regardless of splitter output or cable.
Tried factory reset, ran hardware test with 0 issues.

I have a new Analog 4 mk2 that works without issue using the same cables and the same cv settings (excluding the splitter obviously).

Here’s a terrible sideways video that shows config, gate, then odd descending audio once pitch is triggered.

Any ideas?

your CV track should be green, or I am mistaken?

Besides the LFOs have you checked all other mod sources? No envelopes on anything etc?
I vaguely recall experiencing a bug a couple of OS’es ago where mod sources/destinations had to be cleared multiple times, even though the parameters would reflect they already were.

Try it without the splitter to rule out that possibility.


Taking out the splitter did the trick - using a ring/tip cable controlled my Prophet without any issues on any CV output. I just bought the splitter also!

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