CV madness: no idea what's happening, but it sounds delightful

So I have:

AK: CV CD output -> Minitaur: CV Gate IN
AK: Midi Out -> Minitaur: MIDI IN

AK CV C has:

Everything else default

Track 2 on the AK is an ARP (MOD: TRU) that I’ve recorded.

It’s the only Track Source that actually does anything and CV CD -> Gate In is the only CV connection combo that actually does anything either.

The Minitaur seems to retain the last note triggered via MIDI (i.e. if I hit MIDI Ext, play a note; I have MIDI Ext set to Channel 1, and so is the Minitaur) and when I play it in real-time, if I hold a note, it’s I’m guessing hitting the LFO “rhythmically” to whatever the ARP is doing, gate-wise?

Minitaur is latest firmware (2.11) and I’m using a guitar patch cable (TS) for CV connectivity.