Cv note velocity - how to use it?

I still can’t find an answer for how to use the velocity control on the NOTE page of the cv track. Is there a way to rout this to a cv out.

I know I can make a dedicated cv out and step sequence it that way, but life would be more simple if the note velocity parameter was able to be used. As the velocity would be linked to actual note trigs…

Does anyone have a way make use of it? Seems to me it just sits there not actually referencing anything??

you’re right, it doesn’t get channeled anywhere - normally you have a pair, gate and pitch - so it’s unusual to think of using gate,pitch,vel as two are not enough if you use velocity in a conventional sense
i think more interesting modulation strategies are possible so it doesn’t bother me, but i take your point, but i’m afraid it’s no go

the cv track would need its own velocity destination matrix, you’ll need to ask HQ about this as a feature request, get them to do keytrack as well :wink:

you can only exploit velocity on the internal track sysnths