CV out to Moog Mother 32 (issue?)

Hi Elektronauts,

I’m by no means a CV or modular expert but trying to understand the signal flow and how the machines talk to each other. Kept everything very simple as you can see in the video.

CV out A is sending a pitch v/oct and is connected to the mothers VCO 1v/OCT. Tuned C3 and C6 accordingly.

CV out B is sending a gate to the gate input on the mother. Polarity V-TRIG and level 5.0 V.

In the video you can see two things going on.

  1. the octave of the notes change depending on what note I play (without changing the octave on any of the machines). Is this expected behaviour? And why so then? I fail to understand why this happens since the notes entered are all F3.

  2. sometimes the mother is not playing a note from the elektron sequencer. There are no trig conditions applied and all notes are 1/16 long. As you can hear it’s ‘random’ and as far as I know no notes are overlapping. What’s going on with the voltage signal here? I found a read on another thread (AF CV/Gate sequencing problem - #18 by weepwow) about this but that doesn’t solve the issue.

Video: - Google Drive

I very recently got a mother 32 and I’m no expert at it yet.

I used the AK to sequence the mother 32 and it worked. I did not look at your video as I’m on smartphone right now. I can look at it more in details tonight, but maybe this helps already:
Did you make sure that there is nothing recorded in the sequencer of the mother 32 ? I mean no pitch modulation etc.

Thanks Slim, appreciated. I did a complete reset (SHIFT + RESET / ACCENT + PATTERN) so nothing should be programmed in the sequencer.

Check out this thread here:

I have both and the above thread details the correct voltage to have it track properly. Settings worked for myself and others. Hopefully it works for you as well.



Well my tuning is completely off according to those settings but it sounds tuned.

Play a C and keep your hands off it :joy:. Wow, you can’t imagine the headache I had over this yesterday evening. It’s a feature then.

Any idea what might cause the missing notes in the sequencer?

Change CV B type to ‘Gate’. This way the note should play for as long as the note is held. Trig just sends a single trigger pulse per trig. Commonly used for advancing a sequencer step by step or for providing a clock pulse. It sends a fixed length pulse instead of a gate length signal.

Give that a shot and see if it addresses your sequencer issues. :slight_smile:

Thanks but I think I already got that set up @d4ydream

I shortened the notes from 1/16 to .938 and everything works like a charm now :slight_smile:

For all you future reader:

  1. tune your m32. Then don’t touch the notes on the synth anymore! It will offset the pitch.
  2. give the voltage enough time to reduce to register a new note
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