Cycling through verses in one sample slot one pattern

Hi - I am looking for some suggestions on how to achieve this:

I am creating remixes on the fly with accapellas. I have chopped the accapellas into 4 bars - often a rappers verse will take 16 bars, so I end up with 4 samples to achieve their verse:

4 x 4 bars = one rappers 16 bar verse

I was wondering if there is a way to do this by assigning all four samples to one one Digitakt pattern (using all four pages) on one sample slot and cycling through them sequentially?

I experimented with the LFO cycling through sample slots and I got lost.

Can anyone suggest a way to achieve this cycling through the 4 samples that make up a rap verse by staying in one pattern?

Thanks for any suggestions.

I’m pretty new - coming from a dj background so I’m loving the live/performing element of Digitakt so far!


Place a trig on the desired step, hold the trig while selecting the desired sample in the source page with the encoder. Next trig on say 4 or 8 or whatever hold trig while selecting the next sample. Repeat. Pre listen with trig holding -yes . Is that what you mean?
Be sure to set the trig length to the amount of steps or increase release time of the amp so that the sample plays thru the next trig before it get’s choked.

Other suggestion. Load the unchopped accapella and plock the start point on the desired step. You can save the verses as sounds and load them back into the soundpool to recall and make mashups.

Yes. You’ll need to use per track scaling (p34-35 of the manual) to slow down the sequencer for that track. I think 1/8 timing should do it (if not, try 1/4, not sure of the maths right now), then launch each sample on the first trig of each page – p-locked to choose the right samples each time ofc. Also, remember to change the master length of the pattern otherwise it’ll loop round too soon.

Wow - I had no idea I could do per track scaling and slow down timing -
So many goodies to learn about.

Will try and report back. Thanks for sharing.

@tubefund - not sure I understand your scenario but I may after I try these suggestions.

Thanks aggain!

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All good, we’ll get it working for you. @tubefund made some good suggestions too such as setting the amp release to max so the sample doesn’t fade out too soon, etc. And welcome to the forum, by the way.

Edit: if my idea of slowing down the sequencer works as intended, you might not even need to chop the acapellas into 4 parts – just slow that track 1/8 scale, trig the whole verse on the first step with the master length set appropriately to make sure the pattern is long enough. If you need more time to get the verse in there as I describe, I have one more idea using trig conditions but I’ll wait to hear back if the above works first to not complicate things unnecessarily.

Edit again: Actually you can forget all of the above and just use trig condition 1st to let the whole verse play through to the end. A 1st trig condition means it is triggered once and never triggered again no matter when the pattern loops around again. Look up trig conditions in the manual for info on doing that.


Hey @craig and @tubefund - your suggestions worked great. I’ll let you know when I post the track. (

Tried to reply to this previously using my email and it didn’t go through)

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this is really smart!
I wish I could find some way to share a bunch of “common tracks” in a pattern, so that if I make changes to a track in one pattern, it updates in the others… (like links/pointers)

At the moment I try and remember to copy and paste tracks across patterns if I want them to be the same.