Cymbals and metallic percussions synthesis lab

Hi all. So the goal is to synthesize mostly cymbals, hihats, and similar metallic sounds.

Here is an interesting patch that I found usefull. I’ll post what I already made with A4 later.

Source :

Basically you can start with 2 square oscs with subs, add fork square lfos on pitch mod, frequency pitch mode, different settings for osc 1 and 2.
Long decay,
Hipass filter.

Try AM, sync, add noise for attack, with lower S&H setting, fade out.

Please post your sounds, settings, other synthesis sources…


Some brief previous discussions:


Thank you @PeterHanes. That’s some reading :yum:


Ok, I posted it then…


Please, some posts, I am saddly on the fence to sell my A4MKI…
I need help to change my mind.

Like this kind of thing? They are all from Druma A4 pack.


Thanks, I wanted to post it later with my settings and I am having a bad day today. However. Why do you want to sell the A4? What is better than an A4?!

A4 mk2

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You can make good attack transients with the lfos at audio rate and a fast fade out. Not keytracked against tracked oscillators gets you prepared piano type effects.

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I think it’s great, but I’m not using it enough. 4 voices are a bit frustrating.

I also have Syntakt, Typhon, x0x Heart for analog stuff, and Micromonsta 2 for better pads…and planned to buy an Hydrasynth. I’ll make my decision after buying it.

Different analog sound on each step is quite unique, won’t you miss that?

Consider the resale value too, mk1 are rock bottom prices, it would be difficult to find such a bang for buck elsewhere I think.

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Possible with Syntakt. The thing is 3 Elektrons sequencers is too much for me.

Yes, good point. I have to finish my CV/GATE x0x Heart to play it with A4.
I may use A4 as an additional setup.

Yes, a common problem.

A4 is great CV/Gate sequencer, probably the best I ever used due to the slides, envelopes, LFO etc all possible over CV. I can’t think of any other that can do it, maybe something in eurorack.


Inspired by the metallic ride @Jeanne made, i tried doing something similar. It turned out to be pretty harsh and ugly, but added some more drums and some other elements and made quick tune. Pad is from the M, and bass from Pro-1. Rest is A4

I havent really gotten into the A4 yet, but i really should explore it more. As a drummachine it is awesome.


I started off trying to make a cymbal sound without using any Noise, but ended up making a shaker instead. Filtered AM and Osc Sync with an audio rate LFO got me here:

Cymbal effort:


Would love to see the noiseless shaker afsnd file :wink:

Here are my two rides:
H001 CAT-RIDE1.afsnd (654 Bytes) H002 CAT-RIDE2.afsnd (653 Bytes)


Thanks all !

China Crash type imho. Chorus abd reverb send.

Unison 4 different voices (Use Track Sounds checked, pitch variations for each track)

Unison 4 voices (max detune and pan)

Single voice


Sounds amazing! @.@ Would love to dig into that afsnd as well :stuck_out_tongue:


no noise, but uses an audio rate random lfo for fizzy mod of osc2’s pitch

GAZ-HAT3.afsnd (647 Bytes)

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You mean you’d want the sound afsnd file ? I didn’t plugged my A4 to a computer since ages. But it will be the occasion to make last update. Probability! :+1: