Dadamachines Composer Pro


Nice. No mention of importing midi sequences or playing longer audio files yet though.

Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

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No mention on the sample size/length. Im betting its pretty decent though, if its a composing machine then they should allow to record long audio files and arrange them, otherwise its more of a sequencer.


This looks really ACE

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I refuse to become enticed before I see a video of its execution.

I’ll keep an ear out but not an eye


I was expecting much less than the 1299€ price.
Still intrigued though.

Dadamachine’s Automat product (kinda like Polyend Perc mechanical drum machine) is very nice, but they manufacture it slowly.

The Polyend Seq is an alternative, and of course the Deluge.
There used to be the Misa Digital NSC-16 and NSC-32. Don’t know if they’re still in business. Misa is an Australian company.

The way you program and change sequences, and how musical the operation is will be key (at least for me).

Inexpensive alternative – The Akai Fire for FL Studio.

As someone who’s vacillated between getting a Push, a Pyramid, and a Deluge I find this really fascinating.

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Yea, could be a great sequencer and I’m also really keen to learn more about its sampling capabilities.

The Misa stuff looks overwhelming, in a ‘I didn’t get into monome because I like markings/labels on my gear’ kind of way. But there’s just so much to it that I’m fascinated

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I like that the Dadamachines Composer Pro buttons are in color. The Polyend is white only. The Misa is in color too.

If i recall correctly the NSC-32 was around $1000 at one point and is larger than the Dada. You’re right mhe the videos i’ve seen with Misa is both fascinating and intimidating in that there is an awful lot of muscle memory needed to use it. But it does point up what is possible in flexible musical performance and change (like the key changes, and part variations) things to look for in the Dada box.

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This brings back memorys of the Monome 256 back in 2007

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This gentleman really does not like laptops.

Excited to see how this product develops more.


I’m really looking forward to seeing a more polished prototype of this in a few months. I’ll seriously consider the kickstarter if it has audio sampling and looping.

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As a Deluge user quite interested in this, even though they seem a bit different, but I have a few reservations initially - the grid might be a bit too big, both from a physical and a usability point, not too sure if open source is good for me - I think I’d prefer a well designed closed source product at this price point, maybe.

But still, I’ll definitely keep my eye on this.

Way interested in this as a platform to run my programs on. I could port a lot of generative systems to this, but with so many buttons I will have to find something even more fun!

The only problem is the lack of expressive input. It says you can just input another MIDI controller, but that really just kills it for me as I wouldn’t be developing for the platform, but for super specific set of equipment.

I need at least a little pressure sensitive pad…

Looks like there’s at least one ribbon controller on the planned final version, so some expression

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It’s very early in development and i’m Unsure if rasp pi can deal with a lot of audio or the amount people might expect out of it (though there’s a new pi coming soon).

But good luck to them , lots of ins/outs .

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