Dance Yrself Clean (LCD Soundsystem cover)


I thought I’d share this. Some friends and I played a cover of Dance Yrself Clean last weekend and drove it all off the
Machinedrum and Monomachine. It was crazy fun and seems to have received a lot of praise from some loyal LCD fans, so it seems like we did a good job :slight_smile:

You can watch it


Very nice cover. Good stuff.

excellent. enjoyed that. any tour plans/website?

Solid cover for sure! On point!

Nicely done. :+1:

Wow :slight_smile:
Yours, loyal LCD fan

yyeeaahh good job

excellent. enjoyed that. any tour plans/website?[/quote]
We’ve been asked to play some gigs in London, that’s as far as touring has gone haha. But I’m currently looking at putting together the same band to gig this project: