Daniel troberg's classic classic breakbeats video

I know it’s old, but it’s still impressive.
Can we discuss techniques that can be recognized in this video?
I was thinking about getting into renoise for this kind of stuff, but rewatching this makes think i should rather spend more time with my ot…
Are these timestretch sounding fx, when he holds down the first few buttons, the freeze delay? Do you think he changes breakbeat samples via sample logs on different patterns? All presliced assumingly… a lot of use of the retrigger I guess. I like the timestretching sounds in this vid



Woah, that was cool.

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Sounds like the first few crossfaded results are from the delay set to freeze
Then the rest of it sound like different scenes with various comb filtering.
Some of it sounds like a combo of fast delay and comb filtering, maybe even some flange.
The temp is going crazy fast.

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just gonna drop this more sedate version in too, might be useful …



that’s what i like to call hardware wankery – absolutely no groove

Oh man…at first I thought he was just switching scenes, but then I realize the none of the trig buttons he presses has their LED lit half-green, which means there’re no scenes. Yet the fully-lit LED above Trig 1 indicates that he’s got the Scene B button held down…I’m totally baffled…

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me too :slight_smile:

I think aiming for groove was not the main purpose for making these video :wink:

This trick is great, I tried it.
But the effects and time stretching stuff is what blows me away in the Troberg video.
But he’s using lots of different breaks as well. Wonder what method he uses.

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This is a bit of what I’m wanting to do. I still haven’t done much with my OT since I got it besides using it for mixing and effects (made some patterns and sampled quite a bit with it but need to start making some more standalone stuff and screw the groove) (unless the groove is in the heart).

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