Dark Trinity complete! Setup tips, please

Hi all,

Tonight I should finally be getting my hands on the final piece in the Dark Trinity puzzle, the Octatrack. I’m excited!

As I have an AK, a Rytm and an iPad for sequencing and Octatrack food duties, I was wondering about the best setup for 2 scenarios:

  1. Playing live. My thought is that the easiest way to have everything going at once would be to connect the Keys to the A/B input and the Rytm to the C/D input, with the iPad going to the Analog Key’s external input so it can also be included. But if I want to feed the Octatrack some iPad food separately (ie. not also recording the AK’s output), what do you think the best way of going about that would be?

  2. Recording via Overbridge. While the Octatrack isn’t natively compatible with this, it occurs to me that I could connect the Octatrack to the external inputs of the AK and use it that way. Is anyone doing this kinda thing with the Dark Trinity, and if so, what’s the best way of going about recording the main output of the AK into Overbridge while including… well… all elements of the Trinity at once?

Also, any tips on a video tutorial series that is up to date (ie. is compatible with the current OS functionality) and step by step on learning this beast? I anticipate it’ll take a while, but I’m looking forward to getting started.

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The manual walks you through several set up scenarios, but the possibilities are so vast, it would be hard to say “this one or that one is the best”.

This is really difficult to decide. I believe it’s all up to the way you play. I have an OT and a RYTM and I prefer to connect OT -> Rytm to avoid the unnecessary conversion of an analog signal and to use the analog compressor. But I do it like this because I want the machines to run independently (eg: I’m not using master effects aside the compression and I don’t want OT control over the Rytm’s sound).

Just one tip that I found out the hard way: if you are recording with the OT, use it as master clock. The little drifts in midi can screw the timing of the recordings.