David Attenborough Gamelan remix project

It seems like veteran naturalist and broadcaster David Attenborough is looking for someone to remix some gamelan music he recorded in Bali 70 years ago. Here’s a link to the contest: https://www.songlines.co.uk/news/songlines-and-prs-foundation-announce-new-remix-competition, which also has a Dropbox d/l of the track. It might make good Octatrack or Digitakt fodder even if you don’t want to enter the contest:

If you want to enter the deadline is June 10th.

Oh, and here’s a tiny bit of Wikipedia research on Balinese gamelan tunings at Wikipedia, which may help, or not:

Balinese gamelan instruments are built in pairs that are tuned slightly apart to produce interference beats, ideally at a consistent speed for all pairs of notes in all registers. This concept is referred to as “ombak,” translating to “wave,” communicating the idea of cyclical undulation. One instrument, tuned slightly higher, is thought of as the “inhale,” and the other, slightly lower, is called the “exhale.” [Also called the “blower” and the “sucker,” or pengimbang and pengisep in Bali.] When the inhale and the exhale are combined, beating is produced, meant to represent the beating of the heart, or the symbol of being alive. It is thought that this contributes to the “shimmering” sound of Balinese gamelan ensembles. In the religious ceremonies that contain gamelan, these interference beats are meant to give the listener a feeling of a god’s presence or a stepping stone to a meditative state. The scale roughly approximates that of the phrygian mode of the Western major scale (E-E on the white keys of the piano), with the notes EFGBC corresponding to the note positions 12356 in the slendro scale used by most gamelan


Nice. I love those kind of recordings. I think it’s worth a try.

Going to give it a go…

I love music from that part of the world and have already made quite a few pieces inspired by the Indonesian archipelago:

Highly recommend experiencing gamelan music in the flesh if you ever get the chance + there’s loads of great stuff from Indonesia that’s not gamelan such as this beauty: https://tarawangsawelas-mor.bandcamp.com/album/wanci

An American chap living in Indonesia has been making lots of great recordings the past few years: https://www.auralarchipelago.com/


Nice tracks

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Yeah now I’ve finished a little ambient project I’m going to give this a try next. Actually making me wish I had an Octatrack for this one :slight_smile:

@toot great stuff!

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These tracks are dope as hell.

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How many Elektronauts went in for this? I put a track in - it was great fun working on it!

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Cool tracks and thanks for the links

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wish I had now!

I did! It was an interesting project for sure


Unfortunately I didn’t get time to make a track for this but have a mix and some more related tracks in the works. Will post’em up when they’re online.

Aw, just now seeing this. It looks like the link to the original files is no longer there. Can anyone share the file(s)?

Would also be interested in these files

@cold_fashioned + @Anfim

It was just this one file :slight_smile: .

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