De-calibrate Analog Rytm?

Hello - this is probably a silly question, but is there any way to undo calibration on the Analog Rytm?

I bought a new AR mk 1 not long after it was released, and made a few patterns that I was really pleased with. I then got the OS upgrade with a whole load of new machines, but you were meant to calibrate it to make sure they worked properly; so I did the calibration (after leaving it switched on for about 3 hours) and suddenly all my patterns sounded rubbish.

Basically my synth sounds seemed to have lost a lot of their bass / punchiness, and everything just sounded a bit muddier. My favourite sample-based sound was also different; difficult to describe but it previously seemed to behave in a more chaotic way, as if the filter resonance was being modulated but with a nice smooth effect that I wasn’t able to replicate.

Anyway, I ended up losing my enthusiasm for the AR and not using it for a few years, but recently found it again and started wondering if I could rescue my work - even if I just record the audio before putting the calibration back to where it should be.

The manual says it comes ‘factory calibrated’. Is the factory calibration different to what you get when you re-do it? I wonder what would happen if I calibrated it without waiting 2 hours like you’re meant to - would it be like rolling a dice?