I need some dust covers but i’m a bit ocd in regards to damaging my gear.

I have used various fabric covers in the past but always find little fibres from the cover getting into the nooks & crannies. Ironically i also find keeping the fabric covers dust free is not great. At least with plastic ones it’s a simple wipe clean.

Anyway, back to the point. Has anyone found over long term use that their Decksaver has caused damage to the edges & corners of your gear?


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I believe the decksavers that were once made for classic Elektrons (PL-1) was updated to the PL-2 because some people got minor wear around the screws in the corners. That’s the only instance I’ve ever heard of them damaging gear, and that was quite some time ago.


Got DeckSavers for a few devices, including Digitakt, and they’re excellent. No way they could damage any of my devices when used as intended. Excellent products in my opinion.



Any damage done by the decksaver would surely be less than the damage it prevents.


Orginals on dt and dn no problem with it
And a have some from the brand decksaver for my Ob6 and tr808

Advantages off hard cover better protection
Disadvantages from soft cover is that you have to have a big place to put them when there arent on the device

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I’ve currently got 9 Decksavers, but had others on gear i’ve sold. I’ve never noticed any wear while taking pictures for resale and just had a look around my current gear. The only edge wear I can see on any of it is on the Pioneer S9 mixer, but being a battle mixer renowned for having a flaky top plate paint job and the way it’s used, it’s not overly surprising and could easily have come from normal wear and tear.

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Only issue I ever had was on an OP-1 where a grain of sand or something (no idea how!) got under the decksaver and scratched it when I put it in the soft case as well.


Decksavers on my elektron boxes are great. I just check there’s nothing in or one them before putting them on.


Thanks everyone. Very much appreciated.

Now i need something else to worry about : )

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Take photos of the serial numbers on your synths. Your renters insurance may cover theft, but only if you have proof.

I have one on my armk1 and haven’t noticed any abrasion wear. One of my band mates has one on his ms20 mini and it hasn’t added to the already battered condition of it.
If they weren’t so expensive I’d get them for all of my gear. It’s money well spent but I have a lot of gear.

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Maybe I’m cheap cos I don’t want to buy a 100€ piece of plastic for a 2k synth like the Matriarch (would also like a soft cover due to space reasons) but are there any good alternatives for the ”official” decksavers in the EU? Like the Digitaldeckcovers but in the EU? Cos I’m cheap and don’t want to pay customs and taxes.

Looking to cover some Elektrons (OT, MD) in addition to the Matriarch.

Use an old pillow case. New pillow cases can be as expensive as Decksavers. :dizzy_face:

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Love a Decksaver. I think I’ve a little problem with them to be honest. I have to have one. OCD for sure.

Only thing I’ve ever had issues with was a MPC live 2 with its crappy rubber texture. The corners were rubbed off one two brand new units. Decksaver just rubbed more off. But that was the Akai’s terrible finish, not really the Decksaver a fault.


The only gear I’ve seen an issue with is the MPC Live and its stupid rubber coating. I still use it though as a marked-up corner is way easier to deal with then filled with beer.

@brucegill beat me to it. In fact, he is the reason I even noticed in the first place.


Thanks again people.

I’ll probably get some for my gear. I’ve got an Mpc Live II Retro, so thankfully no rubber coating. And the Op-1 Decksaver’s so small and light, that I doubt it would do any damage.


Random question… do these have a strong chemical or plastic smell? Always wanted to upgrade from cloth coverings, but we own a parrot and the environment has to be pretty free of certain smells (had to get rid of particular cooking pans even). Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

I’ve purchased 3 brand new, other then the new out of the package smell. I don’t notice the dreaded plastic stench.

I wish I could say the same for a cheap uke I got for toying around on the deck.

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Good to know! I doubt it can smell anywhere near as bad as when my Live Retro arrived. Lol - thing needed to off-gas for like a week. Very plastic smell. Didn’t help the device was delivered in 90 degree F weather where I live.

Gear 4 Music has some ridiculous Decksaver deals at the moment (50% off the usual price on many in USD). even with $75 shipping to the US, it’s still coming out significantly ahead of ordering them over here

How do you folks feel about decksavers? I’ve bought decksavers for my higher end gear, at least the gear that they make decksavers for. Recently I bought a Syntrx II and was thinking of getting a decksaver for it, but it costs $99. I think the decksavers for the Syntrx are pretty high quality and considering the price of the gear itself it’s not crazy. But sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it. It definitely seems worth it to protect keyboards from dust and grit. But for non-keyboard gear, and especially gear that never leaves the studio, is a decksaver really worth it? I’d throw a pillow case or sheet over gear, but it’s not as pleasing to the eye.

TLDR: Are decksavers really worth it?