Deep Bass (delayed Loop)

I like this kind of deep bassline. But how I can make this with a4, that its deep but also present ? Also its difficult to get the delay right for the nice groove ?! Are there any ideas ? Thank you

I ones had the A4 and sold it quick again. Such a deep sound is not possible with the A4 for my opinion.

To me, it sounds as if the real bass weight rests mostly in the kick.

I think there’s two bass tones. A lower one, probably based on a square wave, filtered to take off most of the harmonics but also put through a chorus/phaser, playing a rhythm I don’t have words for; and a 2nd, one octave higher, based on something buzzier like a saw (or some kind of FM bass) but also heavily filtered, playing straight 16ths.

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Yes I also think there are two bass layer. Im interested in the higher layer with delay.

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To get this kind of vibe on the A4, I’d have one drone voice going, plus a rhythmic bass voice; same note.

Delay on the rhythmic voice to taste.
If you want that vibe on the drone voice, have a synced LFO to bump its filter.

I am not sure you need a delay. To me, it sounds more like a straight 16th pattern: oooo o-oo / oooo o-ooo …

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