Default accent value

I’m bit unsure why the default accent value is set to 32 on the AR mk2
while The default volume is 100.

Shouldn’t the accent be higher by default so I don’t have to raise it every time and
It also doesn’t have a fast function like most other parameters

Am I missing something?

According the manual p.47 “The higher the value, the more accentuation will be added to accent trigs.”

Thank you for making me reading this manual again, btw: I hadn’t spotted that accent was a destination for modulation, interesting. :thinking:


Really the default setting should be higher than 100 and should probably be set to 100 or 127.
32 just doesn’t seem like a good default to get it to work as intended without having to change it every time…

Hopefully can get changed in firmware update?

Yes interesting!

Doesn’t accent work like an added value to current volume?
Like, if your volume is set to 100, 32 or 100 should give the same, don’t they?
Or have I overlooked something ?

I have to confess that I don’t use accents, I prefer working with velocity locks.
I use it a lot on the Avalon Bassline, I should try it on the AR I guess.

The accent is just a quick way to set a different volume level to chosen steps.
It will jump to that volume on the chosen steps if set to 127 it will jump to that.

But the accent notes are normally louder as an ‘accent’
But as it is they are set to default I have to raise it right up to around 100 and lower the track volume to get it to accent

When u hold function and press up to change it it doesn’t do a fast change unfortunately
I’m used to using accents because used to own an Electribe and a tr8

OK, I get what you say. I guess Accent was first thought of as a value added to the current Volume, but at some point became an alternative volume value.
What you describe, though, is that the Rytm plays the maximum value between Accent and current Volume. Am I right ?

Is that correct @eangman?
Might be a thing to clarify in the manual…

Accent adds to the MIDI velocity value - so having it at 32 is just right - use velo modulation to explore its advantages

there’s not much accenting on volume between midi velocity 100 and 127, so to benefit you’d need other cues (pitch maybe) or drop the default note velocity

either way it won’t be changed from 32 which is sensible


Cool, it makes sense this way.
Bonus point is it’s compatible with and adding to my current workflow :slight_smile:

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So the accent is an added value to the volume? On the Electribe and tr8 it was just a set value.
When I add the accent notes to the hats at 32 it doesn’t sound louder…

it’s added to the midi velocity, each circuit will have its own response to variations above the default velocity of 100 - maybe not too much perceivable volume tbh - that’s why there may be an advantage to varying default velocity or using velo mod more - but the accent value of 32 makes perfect sense for most starting points

if you wack a pad at full midi velocity - it can’t be accented per se as the range is maxed


To be convinced, set all velocities to e.g. 20 and see how the accent change this.

Oh, and velocity may be routed to the volume as sa default, but you can also set it to open a filter, or add some lfo depth…
Now these accents please me a lot more !


On the hat you have to set the volume below 32 to hear the effect but it actually works I thought the volume below 32 would be to quiet to hear the normal hits properly …

I know these machines are well thought out…

just didn’t realise it I didn’t have to raise it to get the effect
just have to lower the trig volume below 32…

Thanks! Cleared it up for me…
will be trying it on other drum hits to see how they react!

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Going to try this !

Sorry One last question…
How do u set velocity to change the filter is it in a setting menu?

Edit… all good worked it out

For later reference,

SOUND SETTINGS / VELOCITY MOD gives access to a menu where up to five PARAMETER page parameters can be assigned to the velocity mod parameter.