Default Kick leans to the left?

Anybody else have this, use the default kit. My kick always is slightly panned to the left ?

Bump ?

Not looking for answers just want to know if anybody else has this or whether I need to get it looked at ?

I’ll check mine tonight, although nothing stuck out as being panned to the left from recent jams.

Do all kick machines do this or just the machine from the default kit?

I went to a blank kit, hit clear, then loaded the kit. The kick seems panned center to me. How are you monitoring this?

Well I’m looking at it through a Yamaha project analogue mixer, but also connected it directly to my sound card.

Same problem, it’s not cables either, seems to an issue with the stereo out. I may have to return it for repair.

How does the headphone out sound/look? Have you cleared the track/pattern, Have you tried any of the factory resets? Made sure there’s not a track setting that is buggering you? This is curious.

Haven’t tried a full reset, not sure if this will wipe the plus drive, so a last resort as I have quite a large sample library on there atm.

I’ve tried with a blank pattern , I should start a new project though and try that.

Not having the issue with other drums though ?

I shall try some thanks

happen the same to my… a very hot left channel actually

yeah mine does it a bit too, though not consistently.

Weirdly, my Machinedrum used to do exactly the same thing too : now you’d assume from this that it is the mixer channel, or cable… but it genuinely isn’t - I’ve tested everything at length.

just a strange one. It doesn’t really bother me - as with the MD if I notice it happening I just adjust the pan manually.

yes, same here. Also had the same issue with the Machinedrum.
I also tested various scenarious to figure out if its realy the RYTM, but it definitely is.

Very leftish here.

I’ve had the same thing with (some) kick samples on the MD and I think the TRX kick. I don’t think it happened all the time, but it did with certain samples…