Default scene B issue

Hello octamaniacs. I’m a new happy owner of that unit.
Os 1.25H
When I’m using on Track 1 a Flex machine and scene B is empty, when I’m moving crossfader to scene B it change a sound like very quick volume oscillating. It affect only Track 1 and every scene even when I’m setting some effects.
What’s wrong guys?

Can you replicate in a new / empty project?

Yep it’s the same, Static Mashine is OK just Flex and Thru also :frowning:

Issue fixed, unfortunately and I don’t know how, but in default, some Midi Cc been sented to Volca Keys Cutoff Int and it affect sound. So I changed in Midi menu. But still when I want to start volca playing thru midi I need to tick not only Midi Clock send, also Transp send need to be ticked. Is that correct?


To stop the crossfader from sending cc, set “audio cc out” to “int”