Delay/effect for installations


I am looking for a good delay/reverb effect (pedal?) for use with a generative installation/sculpture.

It has to start running when it gets electricity - no switch-press or menu diving, as it will be enclosed in a box.

Would pedals from Empress turn on immediately on last used preset, like Echosystem or Zoia?
How about OTO machines?

From my experience, I am using the T-resonator for some of my installations and it is working great, but some other effects like EHX Superego+ needs switch-press every time it gets powered.
I believe it is possible to arduino-hack every pedal, but I would prefer to avoid that.

Thank you!

Eventide H9, Space and so on will remember their last state.


If size is not an issue the pretty much any rack unit will power up as it shut down. In fact, there is no need to power them down at all as long as the box has minimal ventilation.

If I remember right zoom ms70cdr starts up on last preset used. Up to 6 fx in series

The Meris Polymoon can do both delay and reveb and will start as soon as you power it up.

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