Delay not always the same

I have an delay effect on one of my tracks wich play high arp notes.
Sometimes the delay adds a nice subtle rythm to the arp that makes a groove on itselfs. A groove that fits the song nicely.
But when I stop en restart the pattern it’s the subtle rythm/groove from the delayhas changed to something different wich is not as good as it was. Very hard to make a good recording out of it via overbridge / ableton.

Does anyone know why?

EDIT: or maybe it’s the timing in ableton wich is not always the same with overbridge :s

I guess at some point you will get a delay loop with a lot of re-injection. If you stop, Delay will need time to get its timing and also its density. It’s possible you need a sufficient pre-record timing for the delay to take its place as you like to heard (this moment coming at some point…) to get it like you want… depend of the configuration of the delay.

  • Record and Adjust your Loop… (Or)

  • Record as one long take and Cut your parts regarding your song construction then.

That’s why a good trick is to record your delay like an effect bus (send - return) you can mimic that very simply with your audio routing on the machine itself … Audio content is routed individually But FX going to Master, You gets then in your Master Stereo in Overbridge only the Delay send signal. Then you can adjust/shape/compress… quantize… Dry/wet in volume your delay in relation to the audio recorded individually and mixing your delay as fine as you want it.

Also if you had modified it without saving your pattern… maybe it’s reloaded with initial setting ? maybe… missing then your perfect delay settings you make after saving the pattern initially :stuck_out_tongue:

Should be cool to have the possibility to save and recall effects settings independently …

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Just listen the pattern on your machine
and then with Overbridge…

  • Do you hear the same ?

Also independently from settings, save state and routing. That’s why people make JAM and record JAM-01, JAM-02 etc… and then Cut the best inside to reshape a better whole thing at end. Because things Live, Move, Warm and change, (and a lot more if you tweak it live and don’t forget if you tweak sounds but not the effects it’s affect also how perceive the effects will be) it’s more organic than computer… so these side effects if I can say that like this need to be taken in consideration… regarding a static groove you want to keep of the combination of Audio content including Modulations + Effects content including modulations = as a whole result

LFO can be a unstable factor too :wink:

ARP can be a unstable factor too regarding the delay, depend the arp model and random factor (if there is random in it of course).


Thanks, It’s the same when I just start it from the A4 itself and listen to the headphone output. Its a 8 step (2beat) sequence with on every step a note. Sometimes it sounds like it’s not always starting from the same note. The sequence sometimes sounds different. Even without delay. So if this is the case it surely affects the delay.

Is this “normal”?

Sometimes I can get something like that… with Overbridge… just set a safe zone you can record and delete then. click on STOP Twice and Record. PURSUE the Record when the timing feel just right.

it can happening … sometimes. I don’t say it’s your FIX. Bu I may have encountered this kind of things from time to time. Generally a twice click on stop and record a second or a third time and it’s FIX at least on my machine. That’s done the trick

it’s also very difficult to find FIX for someone when we are not sin front pos the machine itself :wink:


LFO DESTINATION volume :slight_smile:
trigger: FREQ
DEPTH all the way up :slight_smile:
damnit, i look stupid now

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Don’t worry … it’s happen…

We all learn from mistake, Isolate the problem… and SOLVE it ourself :wink:

The sequence sometimes sounds different. Even without delay. So if this is the case it surely affects the delay.

Is this “normal”?

Sure it is :wink: