Delay settings remade in Ableton

Hello all, I want to recreate the delay settings from my A4 in Ableton so I can edit my jams from the individual dry track recordings. I only have an A4 but I believe the delay is quite similar across the range.

Does anyone know how to calculate the actual delay timing in microseconds from the Elektron delay time and multiplier? Or is there a simple way to read it or even translate from overbridge?
I am keen to hear any ideas …!

Hello! :slight_smile:
maybe the calculations in the thread below can be helpful…

To come from beats (or fractions thereof) to seconds would be one simple step of you know how long a beat lasts for your particular chosen tempo.


Gosh, thank you that is a piece of work …. Gonna have to sit down with this…I suppose I thought it would be possible to create a formula to calculate the exact timing from the time, multiplier and bpm …

I would start with 1/4 note being 1 beat being 500ms in 120bpm. If you know that for any given tempo you just need to multiply by fractions in the last column.

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