Deluge v4.0 beta

Synthstrom Audible has released it’s long awaited firmware v4.0 beta 1

I had a quick run with it’s new Euclidian Sequencer: lovely!

Other features include MPE & wavetables.


nice. lookin forward to seein more of the euclidean in action :fire:

Definitely quite a few bugs to squash at this early stage, but playing with the new stuff is already great fun. Finally the Wavetable buttons do stuff! You can sign up for the beta on the Synthstrom forum:

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Really impressive as usuall!

But at This point This thing Will be harder to learn then OT.

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Dude it’s literally packed to the brim!

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Do you have both?

Fair enough, no I don’t… but the Octatrack did not give me cold sweats while looking at videos of it :laughing:.

I mean if you don’t have experience with either machine it’s probably the same road to learn it… for me though I have my head jam packed with a ton of sequencers so adding another one just exhausts me.

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Well, that’s another thing then…
I always say more than two sequencers: you did something wrong. :wink: