i decided to start a new project recently (read: a couple of days ago :laughing: ) and these are the first results…still a lot to work on/improve but i’m pretty happy with the outcome so far. feedback and comments are more than welcome
enjoy and have fun :grin:

…want to share your thoughts, or anything else? come over here :laughing:


sweet … how did you go about programing the drums? … sounds intricate!

the AR takes care of that and there’s one extra layer from the A4. the audio was recorded live, lots of conditional trigs in there :laughing: :grin:

nice and murky. enjoyed it

thanks @ZORDON i’m glad you enjoyed it :relaxed:
…got to work on part 2 now :grin:

nice work man, i enjoyed the vid too

thanks @The_N_Y :relaxed:
i did not upload the ‘full hd 15k video’ to yt so it does not really look tooo crispy (although the original isn’t high quality either).
for this first video, the audio track was already finished (…no it wasn’t bbut… :laughing:) and i haven’t had to adjust things a lot on the video (no timestretching or the like)…all in all, the process didn’t take tooo long…it was something like: chat on IRC channel (i won’t repost the link this time :grin:) to share the idea, looked for a video…had a track semi-ready, started to chop the video up and place it on the audio track…few hours later it was there :laughing:
it’ll be a bit different for the next parts as i don’t have tracks ready so mh…i’ll see how it goes and i’ll make sure to update this post as soon as there’s something new :relaxed:
thanks for the interest so far, much appreciated everyone :smile:

…and this is the recording of the recording :laughing:

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…second part (or episode) :relaxed:


Amazing work @guga such a unique thematic vibe throughout !

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thanks a lot @ON-OFF-ON, much appreciated :blush: …got to work on that third episode now :grin:

third episode :smile:


Fantastic work, brother ! I got lost in this. I really dig the crunchy drums and the eerie timestretching on the dude’s voice :smiley:

Excellent. :smiling_imp:

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thaaanks @ON-OFF-ON! appreciated as usual :smile_cat:

…as per the other tracks, this was also a live, one take recording (well…took me quite few takes to make it a ‘one take’ :smile: ) using the same setup as the other ones (MM, AR, A4, OT and Waldorf XT)…just in case someone was wondering… :slight_smile:

…i should have mentioned (it doesn’t look like i did it at the beginning) that the idea with this project is to create something like…10 tracks/videos maybe? each one of approximately six minutes. those would basically cover the entire movie; so if one would watch the videos in sequence, it would effectively be like watching the movie… makes sense? :scream: :laughing:
either way, i do hope it is enjoyable :slight_smile: …and now it’s time to work on the next episode


Can’t wait for more !! :purple_heart:

took a bit longer but it’s finally time for episode 4! :smile_cat: (MM+A4+AR+OT)


nice and kampy :smiley:

:smiley: thanks @the_dreammer

Excellent work @guga ! This has a fantastic groove to it :smiley:

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