Desktop pedal board?

Hey gang. Any good solutions for desktop pedal board? Wouldn’t mind something that could fit 2-3 pedals AND my Apollo Twin Quad. Curious what’s out there. Trying to tidy up a relatively tight workspace.

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ohhhhhhh damn this looks perfect! thanks!!!

Try a computer monitor stand, which is pretty much just a low shelf with legs.

I made my own. Guitar pedals on top, mixer and another pedal underneath. I slide out the mixer when I need it. I recently added a patchbay by screwing it under the shelf. It works really, really well.

You can also put the guitar pedals on a separate wooden board, and sit that on top for easily removing it.



I use a Temple board DUO17 for delay, reverb and analog heat. I also have a SOLO18 that’s not getting much use, anymore. Check out their website / Instagram to see if that suits your needs. I’m a fan.

Actually, you can see my setup here:

ah nice one! yeah that looks decent! also followed. like your music a lot.

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Eyeing this one

Ah thanks for the kind words - I appreciate it. I’m just a hobbyist squeezing a few minutes here and there to make simple jams. I’ll check your page out too.

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Yeah this is the one. €50 here at Thomann for the 16 + soft case. Thanks so much for the tip!

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