Desperately seeking Elektronesque MIDI step sequencer

Elektronauts, form up – I need your help. :blush:

TL; DR version: I need a step sequencer that can also send MIDI CCs per step, in an attempt to replicate Elektron-style sequencing in Ableton. I would also like for the software to work with Push 2. Setting something up like this in Drambo (iPad app) is stupidly easy, but I can’t seem to find that convenience and elegance on Mac, which is surprising. Since I am trying to reduce the number of “devices” that I have to set up during any given music session (I’m a musical nomad within my own house), I would prefer a VST or AU rather than having to use my iPad in conjunction with my laptop.

Another potential option is to use ClyphX and Macrobat, but I have no experience with either and can’t find answers to my specific questions/needs.

Fire away with any and all ideas. The only wrong suggestion is “get an Elektron.” :laughing: At that point, I would just use the damn iPad, silly.

Thanks in advance for any and all help. I hope you are doing ok.