Destroying my hearing with pattern changes

I’m getting a stupidly loud signal when changing some patterns.

Seems to be related to the delay, but I never have such a loud delay signal
if the pattern is started from the get go, and none of my patterns do.

But on a direct change the thing just flips out and really, its so loud it can fck your hearing up.

Question is: Are others experiencing this?

Or have I stumbled across an issue with my sound settings?

Thanks, but can you repeat that, I didnt hear what you said!

The patterns that you are changing between, are they referencing the same kit, or different kits?

different kits,

i dont think i ever use the same kit with a different pattern

stems from a million yrs of MnM use
where even then often i’d load a random kit to the same pattern and see/hear the result
(never had this sort of vol jump on the MnM)

i guess i’ll have to really analyze the different kits the patterns are referencing.

or just not go there :zonked:

This is most likely due to the multiple different gain-stages and level-controls. Filters, overdrive, and effects levels all contribute to the output. It can get crazy!

Applying an LFO to AMP has startled me more than once!

There’s no hard and fast advice to avoid such wild amplitude swings, but it makes sense to keep all volume/amp levels to a standard value according to your recording setup.

Leave the master volume fader alone, but work with the tracks’ levels to “get the balance right,” as Depeche Mode says.

So, no, there’s no issue with your sound-settings, per se; it’s just the nature of the synth.

EDIT: Parameters that may cause overload or clipping:

  • AMP (tied to an LFO)
  • Delay feedback
  • Chorus level/feedback
  • Bassy reverb settings
  • High filter resonance (especially F2)

Rarely use an lfo on the amp

Seems delay related, because i get this whoop whooop whooooop squeal

I could track it down, but that would be…

hmmm how can i say:

like work.

I really like direct pattern change and have at it with the A4 and Tempest to good effect.

Just got punched in the ears 3 or 4 times in quick succession and thought
I should ask around here.


Ahh there you go, good thinking, it might be a combo of delay and rez overlap/interpolating on pattern/kit change.


and btw had “Get the balance right” as a 7" single

Its certainly a great feature and seems to never miss a beat.

Something that was a bugbear on the AR

Indeed. If there was any feature that I could have back-ported to the Machinedrum or Monomachine, it would be Direct Jump.

I have a “Get the Balance Right” t-shirt!

What I decided to do Today is to place a “1st” trig condition note on the pattern that you are changing to (the one where the volume spikes) and parameter lock things like ‘vol’ or maybe totally close the filter (LPF) on that trig. Do this on the offending track of course, find out which one(s) is/are causing the issue.

Seems to do the trick for me.