Detuned and pitched Leadsound

Hello all,

since a few monts i own an Analog Four MK2 and even if i am missing Overdrive i am still very happy with it. But now i have some kind of problem according to a sound i have created.

I found a preset for a lead sound which i totally fell in love with and edited it to make it perfect for my idea. Than i tried to find any other sound (e.g. a pad or bass) that fits to it, but it was not possible for me to find anything since days! I think the preset is so much detuned and pitched on both oscillators that no other sound or sample at all fits to the route key E and all the other keys i have already tried out. Never had such a problem with my productions…

So because i definetly have to finish this track i wanted to ask you all if there is maybe someone who has a tip for me on how to handle such special sounds and how to find a fitting pad, atmosphere, bass and so on.

Thank you in advance! It would make me totally happy if i can continue to work with this track…

Best wishes!

I think the first thing is to find the new / real root note by ear, playing another note with one osc with proper tuning.
You can also copy your sound and start from it.
Record it and post it here, it will be easier for us to help you.


Hi Sezare! Thank you very much for the fast answer. To be honest I tried to copy the sound and make some new elements out of it but unfortunately I failed. I will your tip to make it by ear with a new one and another note with tuning.

Here is the audio sample with the main notes I am playing (just set by 1 bar each). Maybe have a new tip when your heard it :slight_smile:

Again: thank you!