DFAM click/attack behavior

As a sequence plays through a sound will randomly sound a bit different. Its the attack i believe, some triggers gets an attack with a little click, some dont. Are your DFAMs like this?

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Yeah,mine is the same. Typical analog behavior.

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Yeah, that is what it sounds like. Good to know, thank you. Do you do anything about it, or let it be what it is? I feel it usually drowns out when the pattern gets a bit more stuff than just the kick, say.

Used to happen with me. I learned to love it. Hated it at first. It’s not fixable apparently because DFAM doesnt have SYNC. I could be mistaken, though.

If your doing 4 on the floor sort of stuff you could just record in a one shot of the drum and get that on a loop. Not sure how you work but it worked for me when I was doing that sort of shenanigans

Well, use the DFAM more like a 2osc mono synth so the attack isn’t that important.
When I use it for drum duty, I just build a funky loop and sample for using individual hits. Good thing with this is that you can create something more complex like an eight step loop.

Cheers thanks people…its bit annoying is all, single hits for the DT it is!

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Im going to get to learn it a bit better now as well, so ill dig for a combination that gets us a little bit like an attack parameter.

To me the DFAM is a fantastic product. Absolute Techno machine.
Currently I own 2 Mother 32’s, DFAM, Rytm, Dreadbox Nyx and a MFB Dominion 1.

The DFAM get the most treatment as it leads easily to rytmic madness or super nice drones.

I’m thinking bout selling one of the Mothers and the Rytm an built me a eurorack case and fill it with cool utility and logic tools to expand DFAM’s capabilities. And a Tanzbär 2 maybe. :wink:

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Yeah I love my DFAM. actually thinking about getting another one!

Its superb! Feels like cheating! I think about setting it up with the A4 to see if i can get some more sequencing possibilities…

So…and i was sure i tested this many times…but setting the vca eg to slow actually fixes it for me - seems to be able now to go full cycle and no discrepansies between sounds. And its still only 100ms so pitch env still makes fast kicks. Deep!

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Meanwhile… people are discussing how to make their samples sound more like analogue synths…


Is that whats up now? Cant keep up with the kids.

Yeah, since I make my kicks with the DFAM the Rytm collects dust,hence it has to go.

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DFAM & Tanzbar owner right here , great combo !! :wink:

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Nah, I own Rytm for 4 years now and it just bores me.

Good to know. Thanks.

All must end.