Did you ever get the urge to compare Elektrons to Ableton Live?

…I did!

And did some very scientific research to finally make a valid verdict and a reasonable conclusion.

ps. Pretty awesome footage and sounds from the Maldives (yeah, my partner treated me to vacation) inside.

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I always thought many Elektron boxes resembled break out parts of Ableton Live.
The OT is like Live Lite, AR - DrumRack, DigiTone - Operator

Adding the A4 is like upgrading to have more tracks




I did. When I got Push 2 I recreated a track I did with Rytm (mostly samples) using Live drum rack and simpler, and Live stock plugins for reverb and compression.
When I compared the result it was the point where I decided to sell Rytm.


Yeah I did that once and had to justify keeping the Elektron samplers around by trying to embrace the concept that restrictions and limitations inspire creativity :joy:
In all seriousness if you work with a daw there is no need whatsoever for the OT, particularly if you have a control surface like Push2.
The RYTM being analog still has its place alongside a daw.
If you don’t use a daw, either unit makes much more sense

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In terms of what sounds can be produced, I agree. But in terms of workflow, I still have a place for the Octatrack. Something else comes out by the way it forces me to work.

I just think it’s great that there are som many creative tools for different tastes!


Yeah I guess. I always look at the OT as an option if you don’t work with a daw, or if you do have a daw but are working away from it.
Using both simultaneously doesn’t seem necessary imo

I think Elektron devices generally are best for people who like DAWs but don’t like virtual instruments or linear sequencers. I use OT and all my instruments for generating material and the DAW for editing. I just can’t get inspired with entirely ITB workflows.


End thread!

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