Difference between "loop" in the recording menu vs. "loop" in the track setup menu?

I’d like to understand the difference between the different “loop” modes (not machines).

There is a way to enable loops with FUNCTION+RECORD and if you double press PLAYBACK.

What is the difference between them. Also in conjunction with changing patterns / banks when one Flex-machine is looping.

Thanks in advance!

One is (pre)setting the toggle at the source recording, the playback one will account for that setting or allow you to change or set for an imported sample etc which is not preset

Both are doing the same thing functionally

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Some more…
In the flex setup page, setting loop to auto makes it read the setting from the sample attributes. If you use sample locks and have multiple samples playing on a track, the auto setting means it will read the setting from each sample so each can have its own setting… Turning it on or off from flex page overrides the setting for all samples played on a track.
Also simply by leaving your flex page setting on auto and assigning from the attributes, the samples will load with your preferred setting every time you load them to flex…
This goes for time stretch settings too…


Some more again…
In Playback Setup you can choose PIPO loop, aka ping pong loop, which is very interesting, especially for small audio slices, short lengths, granular stuff. One octave lower vs Loop On, softer because you go back to same points at the end and beginning of the loop.