Differences between A4 & AK?

Is the only difference between the A4 & AK the keyboard and joystick?

I’d like to buy the A4 because of its smaller footprint but want to check that I’m not missing out on any extra features (apart from the keyboard and joystick).

Apparently the AK has a different circuitry for bass which gives it better bass response. I only own the A4, so I guess you would need someone with both to confirm how different they actually are in that respect.

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AK has an LED above each key which can be pretty useful and make for a quick visual aid when programming/editing patterns/transposing sequences etc. Probably more of a ‘luxury’ feature than a necessity I guess tho. Haven’t used an A4 to compare general workflow between them.

AK has separate outputs per track. A4 can only do this via overbridge.

Not sure but vaguely seem to remember that the A4 is missing a couple of dedicated buttons that the AK has? Maybe transpose, hold, etc? I could be totally imagining that tho.

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Hey @KennyJapan !

The consensus is that they both sound the same.
The AK has its joystick and a few buttons around that makes it easier to use it as a MIDI controller… But I would say that if you had to choose between e.g. XKey37 +A4 and AK, you should consider this :

  • The best benefit of AK is the separate stereo outs.
  • A4 has the best form factor.

IMO these are really the arguments that you should consider to make your choice.
Oh, and AK has a better resale value, for what it’s worth.

My personal opinion : I love the possibility to bring my A4 anywhere to jam.

Now I’ll close the thread and strongly suggest you use the Search function on this board, it’s very efficient ! :smile_cat:

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