Different tracks sound different on elektron analog four

Hi Elektronauts,
I’ve noticed some time ago that if I upload the same sound preset on my beloved A4 mki, it sounds different if it’s loaded in track 1 compared to the other 3.
The difference is in the filter, like if it had more resonance and maybe a little bit higher freq.
What could it be?
Is it possible to repair it?
For the moment Im just using it like that, as it still sound good but different, but for polyphonic mode it could be problematic.

Is Resonance Boost switched on for that voice?

is that a per voice parameter?



going to check it as soon as I can (I have it in another country), that must be it. Thanks James

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Searching (as others may and should) in the appropriate subforum reveals that this has been discussed before, other search-fu will show other topics

Machines can also be calibrated, but uploading the same sound is not the correct way to evaluate a difference - you have not disclosed if you checked performance parameters or if you assume that the name of the sound on T1 is the whole story, it may have been adjusted when loaded into the kit

But sounds are not unique per voice as implied - if a sound in the kit is different (or has performance parameters attached to that track in the kit ) it can be copied to the other tracks and there will be no difference with resonance boost which is not per voice (it can be tweaked per sound but that’s comparing apples to oranges), it’s part of the sound in the kit that will be copied if you copy track sounds within the kit (no uploading) - the quickest, best and only reliable way to establish that no track is being changed/modulated by performance parameters is to clear a kit, then load a distinctive sound in T1, then copy T1 sound to 2,3,4 - now compare - if they’re different, you may want to explore re-calibration or bring it up with support if the difference is notable

also ensure no other midi devices are connected (if you haven’t got control of info arriving, then it would most likely affect Track 1)

Thanks for the detailed response. So the resonance boost is not a per track setting?

Sorry for posting it wrong, I thought it was the right place

My bad. It’s a “Sound” setting.
Given your description, I just recalled the most obvious culprit for the Resonance boost you are hearing.

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