Digi Power Supply Replacement

Hi dear Elektron User,

I bought a used Digitone this week and after reception realised the sellr scammed me and didn’t tell me the power supply is dead… I tried with my Digitakt PSU and it works like a charm still.

However, I would like to buy a replacement PSU but can’t afford the official and pricey Elektron one so after consulting the forum I ended finding this:

Would it fit ? I obviously don’t want to make a mistake ahah.

Thanks for your help and have a nice day.

Same voltage, higher amps, same plug type. Not mentioned in the description whether it is center-positive but this is quasi-standard.

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Seems the same 24W psu (i.e. 2A as Digi) and the photo shows it’s indeed centre positive as predicted

Thanks a lot, I will check if an higher amp could damage a device, or I’ll try to find an other alternative :pray:

It wouldn’t and it’s not anyway - they both appear to be specified identically as mentioned

A 5A psu is fine for a device that comes with a 2A one, a lower 1A psu would not be fine, the psu would fail, probably not the device

I like to recall … Voltage is pushed (to) … Current is drawn (from)

so device will use what it needs


Thanks for this precision !
I’m a pure noob when it’s about electricity.
I’ll order this one and try.
This forum is precious !

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Not sure if the picture is a valid source but if you zoom in, you can see the marking on the right, showing center-positive.

If that is what will be delivered then it should work as a replacement for the Digitone/Digitakt.