Digitakt 1.05 : Bug reports

Firmware 1.05 is now released, discuss here

You encountered something wrong in OS 1.05 and want to check if others can replicate it ?
Here is the place.

Doesn’t replace a support ticket, of course, but you might want to check if it’s not a feature before declaring a bug :wink:

Please report all bugs via the Support Tickets section on elektron.se if they have not already been confirmed below.


Hi, so I was looking into the menu and saw that I could assign midi channels to tracks 1-8 as well as A-H now, but whatever I do, the A-H channels don’t seem to be working (using arturia Keystep as a midi keyboard)

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Unsure if Digitakt was this way before 1.05 but setting the retrigger parameters for steps is insanely oversensitive. It takes an almost surgical touch just to set retrig length or speed to a specific value like 1/16.

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Mkay, so.
while attempting to similarly mix multiple patterns, I was using FUNC+LFO+Copy, switching patterns, and then FUNC+LFO+Paste in hopes that it would just transfer the track level values, but to no avail. Even the clear command doesn’t work; I’m aware that this was addressed in 1.04 and not in this update, but it still seems to not work.

I should clarify that I’m making sure to only press the button once so as not to induce the undo function.

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Hi Elektronauts,

the install process of 1.05 was without any probs thanks for the update Elektron.
After a short test I mean, that the volume setting from some samples are changed in my pattern.
After checking that more in detail, I heard that the overdrive starting point is very strange.
As example, A kick sample is without overdrive at value 0.00 but if I turn it up to 0.01 the sample is directly some decibel louder?
Has someone the same Prob with the changed Volume / Overdrive setting?

I noticed more people having that problem. I haven’t updated yet because of it. Does it scale to the end? I mean, is the overdrive at 75% even louder than it was before? I use it quite a lot so it would mean the levels of most of my patterns would be messed up.

Yes it scales up as you adjust. And it sounds amazing, overall it sounds like an improvement it’s just that at 0.01 it changes the sound drastically rather than a slight volume increase/feedback or whatever

Ah OK :slight_smile: thanks for the heads up! Guess I’ll just run through the patterns and adjust things accordingly. Curious on how it sounds :). Having said that, with the bitcrusher and OD being changed, I hope my patterns aren’t too different from what I programmed. I use both a lot.

IMO the bitcrusher sounds a lot better but yeh, you might want to adjust depending the flavour of your sound and definately adjust for the overdrive especially on kicks

Hey there, thanks for the update!
I hate to do that to you fine people at Elektron, but I think I found a bug… When I go in Manage Projects and I select multiple projects by pressing the Yes button, it doesn’t appear to select it visually unless I press one of the up or down arrow buttons.

Just thought I would share this with you guys!

László Bolender

Retrigs can be recorded on the sequencer in GRID RECORDING mode as well as in LIVE RECORDING mode. They are recorded as separate trigs. If the retrig speed is greater than the duration of a sequencer step, trigs are created with additional internal steps (i.e. steps with retrig enabled).

how to record retrigs in live recording mode?

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Live rec retrigd?

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I can’t seem to find a way to live record retrigs.
This would be awesome though.


This is my most hoped for feature, please let this be possible!

Wouldn’t you just trigger at a higher resolution than the sequencer?

Way I understand it is that if you input for example 4 notes in quick succession the DT sequencer recognises them but knows it cannot store them because they are at a higher resolution then the sequencer so it records them as a 1 note trig with a retrigger on it.

To test it, set the bpm real slow, hit record and trigger a sample as fast as you can (like your playing streetfighter 2). Stop the recording and check the trigs that are recorded (they should have retrig values on them)

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same issues with midi loopback… Crashes DT everytime when you press stop. is it just me?

Do you press stop twice?

Retrig velocity no longer works. Always stays the same.