Digitakt 1.20 & Digitone 1.30

Get yourselves ready for some serious OS upgrade fun for the Digitakt, Digitone, and Digitone Keys. Time to get elbow deep in a host of cracking features that will make each device even more powerful and your music-making experience even sweeter.

Class Compliant USB Audio

Class Compliant USB Audio has come to the Digi machines. Connect your Digitakt or Digitone to a compatible phone, tablet, or computer, and easily capture the audio recording from your unit on the fly. And this is just scratching the surface of what is possible. Hook up to all kinds of apps to add extra control in any number of ways: more effects, more LFOs, more freedom.

Step Recording mode

A new sequencing mode is available on the Digitakt and Digitones - Step Recording. This feature lets you input chords and notes into the sequencer step by step. Or use jump mode to skip to the next predetermined spot in the sequence via the Length parameter, making it even easier to control your melodies and build them a step at a time.

Trig Probability

Adjust Trig Probability on the Digitakt and Digitones to introduce a little controlled randomness to proceedings. Chance really is a fine thing.

Trig Preview

Stay a step ahead of the pattern with Trig Preview on the Digitakt and the Digitones. You can now preview individual trigs whenever you want, without having to wait for the track to catch up.

New Play Modes for Digitone

The Digitone Keys and Digitone now have four different Play Modes to choose from: Switch between Poly, Poly with mono LFOs, Mono, and Mono Legato and gain deeper control of envelopes and LFOs, and increased playability.

Increased sample skills for Digitakt

You can now use Parameter Randomization on the Digitakt to shuffle sample slots. And keep your sample list or sound pool better organized across all Digi machines with easier removal of unused sounds. Purging power, leveled up.

Lots more improvements & fixes

For a full list of improvements and bug fixes, check the release notes.


To use the upgraded Digi OS with Overbridge, please update to Overbridge 2.0.39, also released today to support the new firmware.

To download Digitakt 1.20 head here.

To download Digitone 1.30 head here for the Digitone and here for the Digitone Keys.


List of changes from OS 1.21 to 1.30


:large_blue_diamond: The Digitone/Digitone Keys now supports class compliant audio over USB.

  • Option located in System / USB Config … select USB Audio/MIDI … if you wish to use the external inputs (e.g. on DN) be sure to set the levels and panning in the Master section (effects can be added to the external L/R inputs here too) … Please note : Digitakt inputs are not routed to main out via USB - the use of device inputs is only possible with Digitones.

:large_blue_diamond: Added a new step recording mode for the sequencer. Press [RECORD] + [STOP] to enter STEP RECORDING mode.

  • There are two modes possible Jump and Standard - Record + double-press Stop to toggle. If entering notes via an External Midi Keyboard be sure to set the MIDI channel on that to the Auto Channel of the Digi-device

:large_blue_diamond: Added play modes: POLY, POLY (MONO LFO), MONO, MONO LEGATO. MONO and MONO LEGATO modes also have note priority options.

  • Mono LFO has one LFO modulation phase per patch so each voice will follow the first - Access all options via Fn+Trig and scroll down

:large_blue_diamond: Added the possibility to select all unused Sounds in the project’s Sound pool.

  • Used sounds are locked as sound locks in any of the project’s patterns and will acquire a small lock icon if being used - this feature removes the unused ones

:large_blue_diamond: Added the functionality to preview a single step (including its parameter locks) on the sequencer for both audio and MIDI tracks by pressing [TRIG] + [YES]

  • This works in traditional Grid Edit mode or the new Step Edit modes for Audio and MIDI tracks

:large_blue_diamond: Added a new TRIG PROBABILITY parameter.

  • Like Chance on the Model:Series, PROBability operates on all trigs of a track (including Lock Trigs) (unless TRC locks are on a specific Trig), so it’s different to a TRC lock which is per step where it’s applied. Using the Ctrl All functionality with PROB can radically thin out a pattern which can easily be restored by bringing PROB back up again.

:large_blue_diamond: Added a new trig condition (100%) to the X% range.

  • This allows probability to be used per track whilst ensuring playback Trigs that you do not want to be subject to chance/probability. Any TRCs on a trig will take priority over the track level PROB parameter.

:large_blue_diamond: Added the functionality to control Voice Reuse per track. It sets if the same note played twice should reuse the same voice, or cycle to use another free voice (default setting).

:large_blue_diamond: [Digitone Keys] Added the possibility to select if the Pitch Bend and Mod wheel should affect only the currently selected track or all tracks simultaneously.

:large_blue_diamond: Separated TRANSPORT from CLOCK send and receive settings in the SYNC menu.

  • By popular demand !

:large_blue_diamond: [Digitone Keys] Added the possibility to select track in the Control In modulation setup.

:large_blue_diamond: Added snap values for the LEN parameter on the TRIG page.

  • For DN e.g, Hold Down Fn whilst rotating Encoder C (Endless Sin/Cos Potentiometer strictly speaking), it’ll snap to some useful values

:large_blue_diamond: Added snap values for the LENGTH parameter when pressing [FUNC] + [UP] / [DOWN] in the SCALE menu.

  • 2 8 12 16 24 32 48 & 64 can be scrolled to quickly

:large_blue_diamond: Restructured the SETTINGS menu.

:large_blue_diamond: Moved the Audio Routing options for USB Audio to the SETTINGS > AUDIO ROUTING menu.

  • Note, USB to Main(dB) only relates to Class Compliant Mode, this means that the audio coming from the computer can be gained by fixed amounts, so that gain level may need to be monitored. Audio from the Digi-box is not gained here, the machines are carefully designed with headroom to reduce the chance of internal clipping

:large_blue_diamond: Active notes originating from the [TRIG] keys are no longer automatically note off:ed when entering GRID RECORDING mode.

:large_blue_diamond: [Digitone Keys] Changed so that the screen reflects the assigned control knob CC when pressing [USER MODE] .

:large_blue_diamond: Improved resolution of modulation depth from Pitch Bend, Modulation Wheel, Aftertouch, Velocity, Breath Control, Control Input A/B.

  • These were previously MSB (typically 7bit) type ranges , now they are 14bit MSB & LSB ranges, circa 16k steps of resolution

:large_blue_diamond: Improved graphics for the algorithm on SYN1 and SYN2 pages. It now indicates the operators affected by parameter changes.

  • Operator squares on the algorithm display for [C] [A] [B1] [B2] will flash briefly when the respective parameter is being addressed to show which aspect is being edited

:large_blue_diamond: Prevented MIDI feedback problems that could occur when pressing [STOP] twice.

:large_blue_diamond: The user is now prompted to select SysEx transfer interface when sending project backups, and USB+MIDI is selected.

:large_blue_diamond: Added support for OS upgrades using Elektron Transfers Drop page.

  • Remember to select USB Midi Mode under System/USB-Config, OB mode is not currently supported for OS upgrades

:large_blue_diamond: Improved the visual feedback from the [REC] key in LIVE RECORDING mode. The [REC] key now blinks per beat independent of the sequencer position.

  • previously it was possible to have a short pattern where the flashing was tied to sequencer position and have the appearance that it was in grid edit mode (as the Led was static) , now the record led flashes constantly at the same rate irrespective of transport position

:large_blue_diamond: Changed the MIDI port name to read “Elektron Digitone” over USB.

  • On OSX you may need to refresh things in Audio/Midi Setup

:large_blue_diamond: It is now possible to live record Sound pool Sounds from the Sound Manager or Sound Browser.

  • Open the Sound Browser , DN only: just double tap the track button, select/toggle to the pool by pressing LeftArrow and Yes to View Pool … Now when you enter Realtime recording Mode - the Sound Locks will be based on the currently selected sound in the browser, just scroll around and exploit the fact that you can easily enter chords or different notes (or velocity if done externally via Auto Channel) unlike if entering sounds via Grid Edit Mode - it’s more capable than MultiMap mode in some ways - very quick way to exploit the sound pool locks possibilities. If entering notes via an External Midi Keyboard be sure to set the MIDI channel on that to the Auto Channel of the Elektron device

Bug fixes

Receiving pitch bend on multiple tracks sharing the same MIDI channel, did not work correctly.

Performing a track mute always applied GLOBAL mutes when in GRID RECORDING mode even if the most recently used MUTE mode was PATTERN mute.

Certain combinations of SCALE settings on the MIDI tracks could sometimes lead to that the first step of a pattern being played once more when changing patterns.

Trig Conditions did not function correctly under some circumstances when using SCALE PER TRACK.

The first slot in every modulation settings could disappear after rebooting the device.

Sound locks affected the display of the parameters on the FX pages even though these parameters are not part of a Sound.

For various reasons, notes could sometimes hang.

When using the TRACK NOTE method in GRID RECORDING mode, trigs could in some cases get added to the wrong track.

Decreased encoder sensitivity for some parameters to make it easier to select specific parameter values.

An arpeggiated Sound played manually had its arpeggio interrupted when the sequencer played a note trig on the same track.

The sequencer started after preroll, even if it was paused before the end of the preroll.

The dotted values for the delays TIME parameter were displayed incorrectly.

Character selection using the LEVEL/DATA knob in the pop-up naming window did not behave correctly.

Pressing and holding FUNC , and then turning the knob for the DELAY TIME parameter now makes the parameter snap to on-beat values.

The sequencer could be out of sync when using scale per track if the previously set scale per pattern value was not 1x.

The reload function of the FX parameter pages did not work correctly, even though the RELOAD PAGE message appeared.

The revert CONTROL ALL function only reverted the active page.

Parameters could get inverted when modulated with pitch bend at -64.

Pressing [FUNC] + [UP] / [DOWN] to set the TRACK LENGTH in increments of 16 in the SCALE Menu did not work.

Trigs with PRE and NOT PRE conditions did not trigger correctly the first time a pattern played.

In some cases, it was possible to place trigs outside the range of the current track.

When changing between patterns that had different AUDIO ROUTING settings, the new pattern inherited the routing of the previous pattern instead of loading its own settings.

It was not possible to clear TRACK LEVEL, MIX LEVEL, or PATTERN VOUME by pressing ENCODER + [NO] .

It was not possible to randomize or reload FX pages on MIDI tracks.

A fixed (non-synced) BPM MULT setting on one LFO could, in some circumstances, affect the tempo of other LFOs.

Aftertouch modulation cut off Pitch bend modulation when an external MIDI controller was used to interact with Overbridge over USB MIDI.

All settings and empty patterns in the factory project were not cleared when performing a factory reset.

When receiving external MIDI notes in LIVE RECORDING mode, only the first played note’s velocity in a chord was recorded. The following notes instead got the default velocity parameter value.

Parameter locking LFO values for MIDI tracks had no effect.

The device did not listen to the MIDI CC All Notes Off.


Hot damn!!! Looking forward to this!


P.S. For anyone trying to use transfer to update your machines. you can’t be in “overbridge” usb mode. you need to be in USB midi mode.


Omg, yes, thank you so much @Elektron :yellow_heart:

And so many of our feature requests over the last year or so are now here. Amazing!


For anyone familiar with the Monomachine, This is identical functionality that’s been expanded upon with the Jump mode. letting you set up a pattern in more than just solid 16th notes. :slight_smile: Great update!


USB compliant now means direct to iPad recording right?
I wonder if I can sample from iPad to DT over USB now…that would be crazy!






Such a huge update for both machines :slight_smile:

I created a video where I go into the biggest new features and some of the smaller improvements and bug fixes I personally am very happy with. I Also explain how some of the new features work step by step.



Now that’s an OS update.

Really looking forward to playing with step record mode, I love it on the Monomachine and it will be even better on the 'Tone with scale per track.


Wow, looks like a really nice update. Looking forward to diving in after I finish my current project!

Yes! One of my wishes on the feature request thread for ages :heart_eyes:

Also very nice to hear!


Yay, well done Elektron team, look forward to checking these out! Step recording looks awesome, I’ve been loving the simplicity of the sequencer on the SH01a recently and looks like this is similar. Also big thanks for bringing over “chance”, I love this feature on Model:Cycles and was almost thinking of getting a Model:Samples just to have that feature for samples :joy:

Think the only real things on my wishlist for these machines now are:

  • a second filter of some kind for the Digitakt
  • ability to add FX to input monitoring on Digitakt
  • (big one, haha) some kind of “kit mode” like functionality where patterns can share sounds

This is excellent, Elektron! Thank you so much!

Step Record mode is such a blessing for the Digiboxes, sequencing music on these boxes has become much more swift and efficient!

And long live the Probability!


I already started drooling when I read class compliant USB… well done Elektron!


And Jump mode. Want to make a Four bar bass line. it’s 4 key taps. boom, done.


Thank you Jesus


Awesome update - thanks!

Next up we need Overbridge on iOS… :slight_smile:


Yes!! Thank you! Hoping some problematic issues are part of history now :metal::metal::love_you_gesture:

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I was just thinking this morning that I should get round to updating my Digis this week. My Digitone is still on 1.02!

I’m in for a bloody treat.