Digitakt, Ableton Push2 dissemination of tracks and MIDI channel assignment via Ableton Live with Push

Can ANY body hook me up with the breakdown of how to set up Digitakt to react with individual sounds per track which correspond to specific pads on Ableton Push 2? The idea here of course being to play the sounds as a group like an Ableton Drumrack track or an MPC____ drum program, while capturing the individual Digitakt tracks separately, as MIDI notes or audio stems, or both. It seems to me there must be a way to do this that’s like staring me in the face because I can’t think of a more desirable feature users would expect from Digitakt, Ableton Live or Ableton Push.

I expect this would be easier, maybe even intuitive to an extent IF I COULD ONLY MAKE Digitakt Overbridge VST OR the software standalone WORK (doubtful it would ever be as efficient as Access Virus Control in the Virus TI line that those guys managed to perfect back in like…oh 2005?!)

Anyway I hate to appear a little bitter lol but it’s obviously very frustrating when a device or platform doesn’t deliver what was promised. Could be worse like an airbag recall. Thankfully drum machines can’t be driven off of cliffs. If it’s easier to email :e-mail: color me grateful: davidxulysses@gmail.com

It’s easier just to set the push to the digitakt auto channel…
you could set up a drum rack to control each sound individually with an external instrument on each drum part but I don’t see the point…You lose all the elektron sequencer features…

Overbridge is working pretty awesome in my setup, can automate from clips in session view,
Multitrack record if needed, recall projects with ableton etc