Digitakt ---> ADAT 8 outs (no computer)

My goal is to bypass computer/Overbridge and send the Digitakt USB out to an ADAT interface (optical cable in), so to have 8 analog out.
Now, I found some different USB to optical adapters, but there’s no way to have them working.
What is the right way to reach the goal?


Not possible. You would need an Overbridge compatible USB device. If at all you could have stereo out via USB class compliant audio but I am not aware of a USB host audio interface.

I am hoping for something like that as well, an Elektron Overbridge Mixer.

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Yeah, it couldn’t be that easy …

I keep hoping for some ingenious DIY nerd solution

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raspberry linuxbox overwitch+jack or something like that



iz real


From what I can understand, the Rapsberry will run the overbridge app, and then? I still need an audio interface with optical out, right?

Hmm oddly enough I was looking for something similar for my MPC One to send ADAT out MOTU 828es came across this:

USBStreamer B


You are awesome, that’s exactly what I had in mind!

Now: will it work with overbridge? What I see is the same USB plug that the Digitakt has: generally a cable has a square usb on one side and a flat one on the other.
We need an expert here

I am not your expert but the idea is really cool.
Even if you need the pi + the adat converter it would be cool to get ob to analog outs, on the digi’s

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“Awesome” your too kind lol.

That is the question. 8 outs of a digital would be really nice and the satisfaction of pulling it off, but seems like it will be a lot of work. Since you’re not using a computer where does the adat to analog out connect to ?


I’m totally fine with adat connection: the optical out is ok

The point is to connect a device (Digitakt) in another device (magic box): they have the same USB type-b connection.

I guess there is something wrong with it, we need a type-a connection somewhere (host)

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you will have to have the overwitch in between to get all 8 ch

I suppose it depends on your intended purpose for the 8 outs with no computer but I would worry a bit about latency in a live rig… I suppose there are always ways around it if you find that the 8 outputs cause too much lag.


Didn’t really see that before, interesting…