Digitakt - Amp Envelope retrigger?

Does the Amp Envelope retrigger the Attack portion with each new sequencer trig?

For example, use a long sample and set a slow Attack so you can hear the sound fade in. Then place a few trigs in the sequencer, close enough to each other in time so each one is trying to play a new note during the fade-in (attack) of the previous note. Does each trig fade in when playing back? Or does the amp volume stay at the “current” level on the second (and subsequent) trigs?

The amp envelope retriggers with each step.

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Thanks. The Rytm doesn’t, and I wish they would include that option in an update.

Use an lfo to create a slow attack! It won’t be interrupted

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My “slow attack” example was just the easiest way to test whether or not the Amp is capable of resetting during the Attack phase. It’s harder to tell for sure if you use short samples and quick envelopes.

In practice, what I would use it for is getting rid of pops and clicks when modulating the Sample Start parameter. By setting the Attack value to 1, or some other low value, it should take the leading edge off every trig and prevent a pop if the waveform isn’t starting at the zero crossing line. This doesn’t work on the Rytm…it won’t retrigger the Attack from the beginning unless the envelope has completed the cycle.

Oh for sure, that trick works well and you will get the desired result

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