Digitakt and Digitone with external synths via MIDI

Hello good people!

I’ve been a happy owner of the dream team (Digitone and Digitakt) for a couple of weeks now, still learning the architecture and the workflow. I’v been able to hook up all of my setup nicely, working together perfectly well, but there’s been one question bugging me and I still haven’t found the answer neither by myself nor on the internets.

So it goes as follows: apart from Digitakt and Digitone I also have Moog Mother-32 and Taurus, and I still haven’t decided where is it better to hook them up to? Digitone offers more versatile control over melodic components of these synths (“piano” keyboard always available, transposition using arrows etc.), but on the other hand Digitakt, while being limited in that sense, has a very hands on approach to muting tracks and overall accessibility and control of MIDI channels (not having to push the MIDI button to dive into the external instruments’ tracks; they are always on the bottom row).

Maybe some of you guys could give me some advice on that.


If you like sequencing them on the digitone better i would suggest you do that tbh. You could always configure the mute destinations for your midi-channels of the digitone to be done by the digitakt. At least thats what i do (seq, peak from digitone, mute seq on digitakt).

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Now that i think about it. I have the digitakt set up to the corresponding midi channel on the digitone so i could play anything that the digitone is doing from the digitakt. That way you can select a midi channel on your digitakt and play the channel on your digitone, by selecting the channel on digitakt, if that makes sense?

To make it clearer maybe: in my set-up digitone sound 1 is channel 1, and midi channel A is 1 on my digitakt. Digitone sound 2 is channel 2, and midi channel B on my digitakt is as well etc… This way you could also hook up a midi keyboard to your digitakt, select your auto-channel, and play your digitone with that same keyboard.

Hope this all makes sense. It’s hard to explain haha

Hey, thanks for the reply, and yes, it makes perfect sense. The only thing I can’t seem to figure right now is how to actually mute a track on my Digitone FROM the Digitakt. Can’t seem to find any info on Google either.

And then you could set the last 4 mutes on Digitakt for the Digitone’s MIDI tracks.

And for more tips on this setup:


Neat! Thanks!!