Digitakt and Emu Vintage keys set up

Hi, could some body guide me through the steps of setting up my emu vintage keys with the digitakt?
Thanks :pray:

I’m willing to help, but:

  • what have you tried so far?
  • where are you stuck?
  • do you have both manuals?
  • have you sequenced using the Digitakt previously?

I have sampled using usb before.
As far as progress goes, I’m not too far along.
I have connected the Digitakt midi out to midi in on the Emu.
Also, I have assigned midi track 13 to channel 1 which appears to be the same channel the the Emu is displaying.
Should I be hearing any sound from the emu at this stage?
Thanks for any help

You didn’t mention having the manuals for both machines. You should get those (online) because it’s best to use the vocabulary from the manuals.

Your MIDI connection is correct.

You should be listening to the VK using either its MAIN R-L outputs or its headphone jack.

Basic operation of the VK is described on page 12 of its manual. Make sure that the volume is up high (up to 127) so that you can hear the sound when it plays. You can check your audio connection by playing one of the VK’s demo sequences (manual, page 13).

In order to sequence the VK from the DT, you need to know the VK’s current MIDI channel number (according to your post, it is 13). Select the preset that you want the VK to play.

On the DT, once you have assigned the appropriate MIDI channel number in one of the MIDI tracks (you said you assigned midi track 13 to channel 1, but you probably mean you assigned channel 13 to MIDI track 1), you can sequence the VK by entering some notes in the DT’s MIDI track and pressing [PLAY] or by playing the DT’s TRIG keys. the latter may be more fun if the DT is in CHROMATIC mode.

If all is set up correctly, you should be hearing something from the VK. If not, we can do some troubleshooting.

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Thank so much Peter!
I will check it out later today.
My headphones were plugged into the digitakt, so I’m guessing that is where my problem is.
I really appreciate your guidance.

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I have sound! Can I sample internally with midi? I have a chord made from three trigs and I want to crest a two chord progression. I have done this with sampling before but obviously not with midi. What would be the best way to achieve this?
I have Yamaha RX5 that I am using for my drum beats which I record into logic and want to put the chord progression from the Digi on the track too.
Thanks again

Good, and hopefully you can sequence the VK from the DT.

In terms of the DT and the VK, pretty much all you can do is to send MIDI Note and CC messages from the DT to the VK.

If you want to sample the sounds that the VK is making, you need to connect the audio outputs from the VK to the audio inputs of the DT. Then follow the instructions in the “Sampling” section of the DT’s manual (which you have downloaded, right?).

You could sample individual notes being played on the VK, but the only way that you could make a (for example, three notes) chord from those samples is to play one note from each of three audio tracks on the DT. Or you could sample the VK playing a chord (or a chord progression) and play that sample back on one audio track of the DT.

You will probably want to synchronize Logic with the RX5 and DT. That’s a bit of a next step. Let’s make sure that you can trigger and sample the VK using the Digitakt first.