Digitakt and Mutant Brain cc to cv

Hi, Im new to the forum.

Im trying to send digitakt’s lfo to modular via mutant brain.
I just can´t make it work out, that´s why Im seeking help here.

I have tried assigning cc and pitchbend (lol) to the cv out on mutant brain so I can send the modulation thru there but it doesn´t work as intendeded. :frowning:

Any suggestions on what am I doing wrong? Or why the cc value doesn´t do anything on mutant brain.

All is on it´s right channel.

Sometimes I forget to push [FUNC]+ the A encoder on the midi source page to turn on the midi channel.

I just solve it by sending the lfo thru modweel. I just cant send negative values. Can that be done by midi into MB?

Once you are in modular would it be possible to sum the positive voltages with a negative offset? I use Maths for that, sometimes.