Digitakt and Ultranova

Hello. I’ve got program change problems from the Digitakt to the Ultranova. When I change from one pattern to another, the program change doesn’t automatically register with the Ultranova. I have to go into the Ultranova midi track and rotate the encoder to trigger the program change. It’s only the Ultranova that’s doing this. Program changes to other synths are not a problem. I’ve given the Digitakt a unique program change channel, different to the Ultranova and other synth’s midi channel.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

On some devices, you need to use SBNK instead on BANK in the SRC page of the MIDI Track. Also, try to p-lock the PROG.

Are you expecting the Ultranova to change patch whenever the Digitakt changes pattern?

If so:

  • what have you set for PROGRAM CH OUT CH in the DT’s SETTINGS > MIDI CONFIG > CHANNELS menu?
  • what MIDI channel number have you set on the Ultranova?

Yes, hoping for the Ultranova sound patch to change when I switch Digitakt patterns.

Digitakt PROGRAM CHANNEL OUT CH is set to 5. The Uktranova set to 14 and is being sequenced by the Digitakt on this channel.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got the bank right because when I turn the encoder on the midi track it trips the program change.

Have tried p-locking but couldn’t get that to work.

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OK. This mismatch between channel numbers (5 on DT versus 14 on UN) is what is preventing the UN from acting on the Program Change (PC) message sent by the DT. Whereas when you send the PC message from the DT’s MIDI track, the transmitting channel number matches the UN’s channel number and all is well.

If you are only sequencing the UN and no other synths from the DT, then you could simply change the PROGRAM CH OUT CH number on the DT to 5.

If you’re sequencing other synths at the same time as the UN, then you should probably set the Program Change number for each synth on the corresponding DT MIDI track using PROG in the SRC page.

This is irrelevant to the (so far) stated issue.

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You’re right. I was only suggesting a quick fix with the infos we had. I should’ve asked questions about the settings, I confess. Thanks @PeterHanes!