Digitakt as a USB-midi interface from Norns to PC

Hi, I couldn’t find a thread where this has been covered. If this topic has been covered please guide me there.

I want to send midi data from Monome Norns Shield to my PC and Ableton through Digitakt. Can I use Digitakt as a usb-midi interface like this? I have plugged a Roland UM-ONE mk2 from Norns (usb output) to Digitakt (din midi in) and Digitakt is plugged by USB to my PC laptop. I can now send midi data from Norns to Digitakt. But I can’t send this same data through to Ableton - I can only send midi from Digitakt’s own sequencer to Ableton. I tried all the settings if I could pass through the Norns data to PC but nothing has worked so far.

Is this even possible with Digitakt? Thanks in advance!